11/30/2011 09:50 am ET | Updated Nov 30, 2011

'Paradisco' Off Charlotte Gainsbourg's 'Stage Whispers,' Written By Beck (AUDIO)

Some Kind Of Awesome has something kind of awesome up today: a sneak peek of Charlotte Gainsbourg's Dec. 13 Beck-produced album Stage Whispers, in the form of the track "Paradisco." The dancey number was written and produced by Beck, and it sounds almost like a French girl version of one of the more streamlined songs off Midnight Vultures. We're hoping this means come Dec. 13, we'll have an updated "Debra" to get obsessed with. (Maybe for Didier and his brother?)

For some odd reason, you can stream more Stage Whispers tracks at Air France's Facebook page.

LISTEN to "Paradisco":

Paradisco by planned_obsolescence

(via SomeKindOfAwesome, Loudersoft)