11/30/2011 05:31 pm ET

REDBOOK Magazine Declares 'No-Judgement Day'

It's not clear who moms judge more -- themselves or other parents. HuffPost blogger Rhiana Maidenberg came up with six pretty great reasons why it happens. And, a recent poll conducted by Redbook Magazine and Yahoo! revealed what it does to us. Almost half of the working moms they surveyed feel judged for their choices -- and we're thinking that's low-balling it.

Now, in an effort to end mom guilt and banish mom-on-mom criticism, REDBOOK Mag declared the first ever No-Judgement Day. Their Motherboard Blogger Council started off the conversation: blogger Amy Shearn, Household Words, posted "Don't judge me because my toddler watches TV." She says:

Yeah, TV. It's gone on that long, laughable list of Parenting Decisions That Are Much Easier To Make Before Having Children, right up there with "Simply not allowing tantrums" and "Chicken nuggets? Never!"

And, Carmen Staicer, mother of nine kids wrote:

Yes, I understand our size makes us an anomaly in America today. But we're not a sideshow (or a reality show!). We're just a family. And, like any family, we're trying to live our lives in the best manner possible -- if on a slightly larger scale.

Then, they moved the party to Twitter where HuffPost Parents senior columnist Lisa Belkin and managing editor Farah Miller tweeted #dontjudgemebecause with an accompanying confession to join in.

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