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Scott Walker Recall Effort: Brett Hulsey Releases Ad Featuring Prank Call From David Koch Impersonator

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Wisconsin State Rep. Brett Hulsey (D-Madison) is releasing a new ad featuring clips of the infamous prank call between Gov. Scott Walker (R) and a journalist posing as billionaire David Koch.

The call -- made by Ian Murphy, editor of the online newspaper the Buffalo Beast -- occurred as protests against the governor and his anti-union legislation were growing in February. Hulsey's "reminder ad" comes as an official recall effort against the governor gains momentum.

The 60-second ad, titled "Standing up to Scott Walker," will begin airing in the Madison market Wednesday. It will also run during "Meet the Press," "Upfront with Mike Gousha," "For the Record," and on CNN and MSNBC, The Capital Times reports.

Call excerpts featured in the ad include Walker saying he considered bringing troublemakers into the capital to fight the crowds rallying against his anti-union legislation, which stripped public workers of their collective bargaining rights. In addition to clips from the call, the ad also features footage of Hulsey rallying for union workers just after a Walker press conference.

Hulsey, who said he released the ad "to remind people what Scott Walker has done," called Walker's conversation with the Koch impersonator "unadulterated, complete nonsense."

The recall effort against Walker is the last in a series of recalls spurred by the passing of Walker's anti-collective bargaining legislation. A total of nine state senators faced recall elections in July and August, with two Republicans losing their seats to Democratic challengers.

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