12/01/2011 10:53 am ET

Charlize Theron Falls Victim To Photoshopping On 'Los Angeles Confidential' Cover (PHOTOS)

Charlize Theron looks California cool on the December cover of Los Angeles Confidential, but while we're loving her dress, there was one thing distracting us from focusing on the style.

Namely, her, uh, claw hand.

On the cover, Charlize sprawls on a white chaise lounge in front of a green screen "pool," bedecked in a black and white dress as she stares down the camera.

Time to put on our Photoshop goggles. Judging by the artificial-looking edges of her left arm, there's no way her arm was actually photographed in that position. Even worse, they appear to have digitally manipulated her fingers into a chubby baby hand. Check out her index finger -- way too short for an adult hand, right? And the way her hand is retouched, you can't even see a hint of where a thumb would be extending.

But we're not certified airbrushing experts. Where are those guys with the Photoshop detector when you need them?

Check out the (we think) weirdly Photoshopped pics below, and click over to Los Angeles Confidential to read the interview with Charlize.