12/01/2011 02:46 pm ET | Updated Jan 31, 2012

'Community' Anime Cartoon Episode Stills: JOel McHale, Donald Glover Go Cartoon (PHOTOS)

Last season, "Community" experimented with stop motion animation. This season, they're branching out into anime.

The cult hit NBC sitcom has become the smartest comedy on television through its willingness to experiment with time, story structure, meta-level scripting and years-in-the-making easter egg hiding. And while they're going on an uncertain hiatus from NBC's mid-season schedule, that doesn't mean they're going out with a whimper.

In Thursday's new episode, the study group will enter into an anime cartoon segment. We don't know much more than that, but we have, through the generous offerings of CartoonBrew.com, gotten our hands on a couple of the images from the segment. Check out Jeff, Troy and Shirley, 80s anime style (anyone remember "Voltron"?) and then watch "Community" tonight at 8 pm EST.