12/01/2011 08:45 am ET | Updated Oct 09, 2012

Craft Of The Day: Pinecone Ornament

Photo by TheLandOfCraft

With great paper crafts like this, who needs the real thing? We love this pinecone ornament from Etsy artisan TheLandOfCraft - it's cute, colorful and perfect for the holidays. To buy one, visit the TheLandOfCraft Etsy shop. Or, if you'd like to try your hand at something similar, here's the how-to.

What You'll Need:
Festive card stock - 2 8.5x11 sheets
X-acto knife (or scissors)
Styrofoam egg
Short applique pins
Hot glue gun
Plastic leaves
Thin ribbon

How To Make it:
1. Cut the decorative paper into 1 inch strips.
2. Cut again into 1 inch cubes.
3. Fold each cube so one side is pointed (do not fold into a perfect triangle (1/3 of the cube should appear rectangular).
4. Starting from the narrow end, attach the petals to the Styrofoam egg using the pins (each pin should pierce two slightly overlapped petals). Work all the way around a level before moving up the egg.
5. Leave an open area at the top.
6. Hot glue your ribbon to the egg (in a loop) and wait for it to dry.
7. Hot glue the leaf embellishments and let dry.
8. Hang it up and enjoy!

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Craft Of The Day

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