12/01/2011 01:23 pm ET

Holiday Gifts For The 1% Include $200 Tweezers, Chanel Towels (PHOTOS)

'Tis the season for those hilariously outrageous holiday gift guides!

When we spotted these lavish recommendations for the goods to buy your loved ones this season, we were kind of taken aback by, yes, the prices, but also the sheer novelty of the ideas behind it: a special helmet just for riding a Vespa? A crystal dagger? Who thinks of this stuff?

Let's compare some of the gift guides, for those with deep pockets who got behind on their Cyber Monday shopping.

First of all, the New York Times recommended yesterday that you purchase these Neiman Marcus Swarovski-studded tweezers, which come with a similarly bedazzled tweezer stand. Heaven forbid your sparkly tweezers graze a countertop!

The set can be yours for $200 - only the best for your stray eyebrow hairs.

The NYT also published a "Skin Deep" holiday guide that touts picks like a $95 Dior face serum, so, there you go.

And in the other corner we have Vogue's new "Perfectly Extravagant Holiday Gift Guide," which is unabashedly targeted towards those who are still burdened with bursting wallets in the midst of a grinding recession.

Here's a sampling of Vogue's gift recommendations:

We'll be sure have our butler fetch these when he runs out to pick up our dry cleaning.

Check out the entire Vogue gift guide here to gawk at more pricey holiday picks.

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