Grammys 2012: Best Comedy Album Nominees (PICTURES)

12/02/2011 04:00 pm ET | Updated Feb 12, 2012

The nominees for the next annual Grammy awards in Feb. 2012 have been announced, and this year the category of Best Comedy Album has some impressive contenders.

Compared to the Grammy committee's questionable comedy choices in the past, LaughSpin's Dylan P. Gadino is calling this year's nominees, which include Louis C.K., Patton Oswalt, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Kathy Griffin and The Lonely Island, "The best list the Grammy folks have come up with in recent years."

And we're inclined to agree. With C.K. and Oswalt both releasing solid albums once again this year, Yankovic having triumphantly made his comeback and The Lonely Island having compiled all the consistently hilarious songs they make famous on "SNL" all year, we feel any of them could take home the prize. Griffin, while not without her large Bravo fan base, doesn't strike us as a frontrunner considering that she didn't technically release an album -- the audio recording of her Bravo special is being considered.

Learn more about this year's nominees in the slideshow below, and below that find HuffPost Comedy's previously published guide to new comedy albums in 2011. Should one or more of them have made it on the Grammys' list? Tell us what you think in the comments.

2011 Comedy Album Guide
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