Marek Hamsik: Napoli Player Celebrates Too Early, Misses Re-Kick Of Penalty Shot (VIDEO)

12/01/2011 05:15 pm ET | Updated Dec 01, 2011

That awkward moment when you ... take a penalty shot and it goes in so you celebrate by exiting the stadium then find out you have to re-kick it and you miss and then the announcer jovially laughs at your misfortune.

This situation was the sad reality for Marek Hamsik on Tuesday, when the overzealous Napoli player was awarded a penalty shot during the team's match against Juventus. After converting the penalty with a low, driving strike past Juventus keeper Gianluigi Buffon, Hamsik decided to walk down a flight of stairs behind the net in celebration, only to emerge moments later to discover that the goal didn't count as a result of his teammates entering the box before he shot it.

Hamsik lined up for another shot and, sure enough, missed.

On a side note, the announcer's merry laugh after he missed the re-kick may be one of the top calls of the year.

It turns out that Napoli could have really used the goal, as the match would end in a 3-3 draw. The embarrassing display didn't look good for Hamsik or the team, which re-signed him to a contract extension earlier in the month.

Hamsik's situation will only add to the ongoing cautionary tale that has emerged this week in regards to athlete's upstaging their performances with their celebrations. On Sunday, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson garnered headlines for an extended celebration he acted out after scoring a touchdown against the New York Jets in which he mimicked shooting himself in the leg (a la Plaxico Burress) and crashing like a jet. In the late stages of that game, he would be unable to catch a ball on a key play that could have made the difference in the game.


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