12/02/2011 10:04 am ET | Updated Dec 02, 2011

Drew Ryniewicz Loses 'X-Factor,' Justin Bieber Sends Condolences

Thursday night was bittersweet for Drew Ryniewicz and her many fans. The 15-year-old X Factor favorite was sent home in a double elimination last night, along with MC Astro, in the Michael Jackson-themed episode. Drew sang Jackson's classic, "Billie Jean," and then for her last performance crooned Roxette's "Listen To Your Heart." Her mentor, Simon Cowell, owned up, arguing that his choice of song was to blame.

Drew stated after the show, "[I] had a weird feeling all day in my heart... I knew something was not going to go how it should."

Although Drew was devastated and in tears onstage, things started looking up for her less than an hour after the show. Her celebrity crush and musical idol Justin Bieber tweeted,“keep yr head up. I lost my 1st competition too. this is just the beginning. never say never.” Drew -- who auditioned with one of Bieber’s biggest hits, the song “Baby,” and gushed about her love for the teen heartthrob in her intro video -- retweeted it to her 94,000 followers.

In honor of her last night on X Factor, here are videos of our five favorite performances from Drew. Which would you add to the list?

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Drew's Top 5 Performances