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Baby Toys Gift Guide, From Etsy

First Posted: 12/ 2/2011 8:44 am Updated: 12/12/2011 1:10 pm

Babies are far more complex than most of us give them credit for. So instead of waiting on long lines for the latest fad toys from Toys R Us or Buy Buy Baby, this year, you might want to find more unique, pretty, personal.... To make your life a little (or a lot) easier, we've rounded up a selection of adorable -- and affordable! -- baby toys from Etsy. Ready ... set ... (online) shop!

(And if you have bigger kids in your life, check out this Etsy gift guide for kids ages 4-9!)

Photos: 12 Toys For Babies

Say Cheese!
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Camera Pillow | $24.50 |

Shop owner Leonora calls her adorable Camera Pillow "squishable art." These quirky pieces are great for babies to play with, throw around and squeeze. (Plus you can use it for some pretty rad photo-ops after the kids are all asleep.) Each pillow is hand stitched and takes Leonora about three or four hours to complete. If you decide to buy one of them, just make sure you and your baby are ready for your close-ups.


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