12/02/2011 06:32 pm ET | Updated Dec 02, 2011

Richard Forester, Robyn Gardner's Boyfriend, Believes Tourist's Disappearance May Be Linked To Human Trafficking

The boyfriend of Robyn Gardner, the American tourist who vanished in Aruba, believes human trafficking might have something to do with her disappearance.

Gardner was last seen in August traveling with Gary Giordano, an acquaintance she had met on a dating website. Giordano claims Gardner was swept out to sea while snorkeling, but Gardner's boyfriend back home in Maryland, Richard Forester, believes otherwise.

Forester doubts Gardner would ever get in the water due to her hair and make-up.

"Human trafficking, yeah absolutely, that's something I've been thinking about the entire time, since day one," Richard Forester said on "Good Morning America" today.
Forester believes Giordano might have something to do with it.

"I think it's very possible and I wonder what (Giordano's) involvement was," Forester said. "There's a whole underworld down there. I don't know what he knows about Aruba."

Giordano had been held for four months in Gardner's disappearance, but he was released without charges earlier this week. Authorities still consider him to be the sole suspect and claim they doubt his version of events.

Forester's statements come one day after Giordano raised the spectre of human trafficking during a separate appearance on "Good Morning America."

"Aruba has two main sources of income, and it's not tourism -- it's cocaine and human trafficking," he said during the interview.


Robyn Gardner, Maryland Woman, Missing in Aruba