DMX Plays Wheelchair Basketball With Injured Troops

12/05/2011 10:42 am ET | Updated Dec 05, 2011

DMX has put his prison stint behind him and has stepped back into the spotlight where he's playing shows and supporting injured troops.

The rapper made good on his promise to a fan during his first post-sentence concert that he would visit wounded veterans at nearby Fort Sam Houston, TMZ reports. DMX visited the troops and strapped himself into a wheelchair to play a game of basketball.

"It made my day as much as it did their day," the rapper told TMZ. "One told me that I gave him the best early Christmas gift he ever got and that has me still smiling."

DMX served eight months in prison for probation violations and was released in July, according to MTV.

"Earl has so much more to offer the world," manager Nakia Walker said in a statement, according to MTV. "It is now time for X to redefine the world of Hip-Hop with his highly anticipated album of inspirational, painful & street accredited rhymes. It is time to let the Dog out of the kennel."

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