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Haiku Reviews: Intergalactic Sculpture, Drag Opera And The History Of The Piano (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

First Posted: 12/05/11 02:48 PM ET Updated: 12/05/11 03:29 PM ET

HuffPost Arts' Haiku Reviews is a biweekly feature where invited critics review exhibitions and performances in short form. Some will be in the traditional Haiku form of 5x7x5 syllables, others might be a sonnet or a string of words together. This week Peter Frank, George Heymont and Laurence Vittes give quick takes on visual arts, theatre and classical music from Fela! onstage to James Turrell's mastery of light. Is there a show or performance that you think people should know about? Write a Haiku with a link and shine a light on something you think is noteworthy too.

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Susan Sironi is no mere collagist, nor book artist; she regards every printed page as a star in a galaxy - her job being to bring the galaxy forth, especially but not only between the covers of a given book. In working her way into pre-extant page-bound image and text, she follows in the footsteps of such bibliomancers as Dieter Roth and Tom Phillips. The tasks Sironi sets for herself, however, are more purely physical, if no less revelatory, cutting and carving into illustrated botany guides and children's novels and the like so that they reveal their worlds in cacophonic cascades, image-jumbles that cohere through her judicious manipulations and overlays. Text would seem to be at best a byproduct of her diligent interlacing, but Sironi offset the pictorial confabulations shown here with a series of simpler (color) collages overlain with a stuttering typography inhering her translation of texts into a personal code. (Offramp, 1702 Lincoln Ave., Pasadena; closed. - Peter Frank SUSAN SIRONI, Hanging By a Thread, 2010, Altered book, 12 x 18 inches


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