12/05/2011 10:24 am ET

Sarah Jessica Parker: 'I'm A Realist About What I Look Like'

Despite her Carrie Bradshaw legacy, Sarah Jessica Parker comes across as down-to-earth, low-maintenance and drama-free.

She wears Manolos, of course, but switches into flats just as easily. She drives a Honda minivan (seriously!) And she'll share her Oscar de la Renta with you.

Parker offered up her dress in the latest issue of Stella magazine, a free weekly mag that comes with the UK's The Sunday Telegraph:

There is a hint of tiredness as she throws off her black and white patent-leather Giuseppe Zanotti shoes in a New York hotel room, joking that her red Oscar de la Renta dress will be returned tomorrow. "You can wear it next," she offers.

The actress and mother of three goes on to describe her low-key approach to dressing. While she does feel a connection to her fashionable TV alter ego (she told ABC earlier this year, "Talking about Carrie Bradshaw is still the thrill,"), she is not nearly as fashion-obsessed herself.

"Anything I can put on quickly and not embarrass my son in," SJP says, is her outfit of choice. She adds, "I try to dress appropriately for my age and I'm a realist about what I look like."

It's a refreshing perspective, given that Parker is a typical target in the media for her style choices and appearance. While the fashion world adores her, others often don't understand her directional looks (case in point: this insanely large Philip Treacy hat).

But Parker understands that all of the physical stuff is besides the point:

"If those physical things were my insecurities I'd be thrilled. What wonderful problems.

My insecurities are more substantial than that. I worry first and foremost about my children and their health. My husband, and his. I worry about what work opportunities will come up. My own creative satisfaction. How will I pursue things and will the work be good?"

That's the Sarah Jessica we know and love -- focused on the real important stuff, so she can feel free to wear whatever she wants with total confidence and irreverence.

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