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Von Wafer's 'Gay' Tweet: Basketball Player's Bizarre Message Raises Questions

First Posted: 12/05/11 03:50 PM ET Updated: 12/05/11 03:55 PM ET

Von Wafer might have just left the NBA for an Italian team, but a look at the professional basketball player's Twitter account suggests he might be switching other teams as well.

The questionable tweet, which appeared Dec. 5, reads as follows:

von wafer
I just wanna be gay,I wanna be honest with y'all... I like mens since I was like 15yo , dont be mad ppl on me cuz I still wanna have friends

The authenticity of the tweet is suspect, but as Sportsgrid has noted, it's surprising that the statement remains in place more than three hours after its original posting. Sports fans are also doubting its legitimacy; as one user pondered on Twitter: "If NBA player Von Wafer didn't out himself on twitter then who in the world would hack him, of all people, and make something up like that."

Still, those hoping for the basketball star to join the ranks of out athletes like Gareth Thomas and Matthew Mitcham might have to wait a little longer, as USA Today's NBA writer J. Michael Falgoust reportedly said he'd spoken to Wafer's agent, Terrance Doyle, who issued a denial:

J. Michael Falgoust
Talked w/agent for , Terrance Doyle, says Von is flying back from Italy now & he didn't make that controversial tweet

Still, if Wafer did come out, he'd certainly be in good company. Check out other openly gay sports stars below:

Gareth Thomas
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Thomas's decision to confirm his sexuality while still an active rugby player was praised by LGBT rights advocates as a brave move. Though others have since followed suit, Thomas hoped people who eventually consider his sexuality as irrelevant. "What I choose to do when I close the door at home has nothing to do with what I have achieved in rugby," he told The Guardian. "I'd love for it, in 10 years' time, not to even be an issue in sport, and for people to say: 'So what?'"

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