12/06/2011 05:15 pm ET

Denise Richards Shares Daughter Sami's Christmas List (PHOTO)

Cue the "Awww" track. Denise Richards' household sure is in the holiday spirit. The mother of three tweeted a photo Tuesday of her daughter Sami's Christmas list to Santa:

Dear Santa,

I have been nice this year! Here are 10 things that I picked out. Could you please get all of them? I didn't write down everything that I wanted. Thanks santa



Although the letter cuts off before we get to read what exactly it is that Sami has on her list, we've got an idea of what the 7-year-old may be jonesing for.

1. A one-piece bathing suit for mommy -- when my friends invite me over to their pools, their dads always ask if mommy can come too.

2. Unicorn blood -- Daddy likes tiger blood but I fancy unicorns.

3. Suri Cruise's memoir -- She plays the paparazzi like a fiddle, after all.

5. Charlie told my half-brothers Bob and Max that their mother, Brooke Mueller, is busy making snow angels in the North Pole. If that's true, can you send her home with a few goodies from the workshop for me?

Check out Sami's sweet Christmas list below:

Denise Richards' photo Sami's letter to Santa...couldn't resist:)