12/07/2011 04:36 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

The Barneys New York 2011 Holiday Windows Starring Lady Gaga (PHOTOS)

Window shopping is always more exciting during the holiday season, especially when department stores around the country deck theirs out in the most creative and captivating of ways. This year brings some of the most magical, technologically advanced holiday windows and we'll be profiling the best of the best (along with the best gift buys) from each major store.

Up next is Barneys New York, with their cheeky and cheerful celebration of all things Lady Gaga. According to this store, tis the season to be a little monster, and they've done a brilliant job outfitting both their windows and their store to fit that theme. Whether you're inside picking up fan fare, like a diamond tea cup or bow headband, at the new store in store called Gaga's Workshop, or outside admiring the imaginative window scenes, there's no shortage of that flamboyant flair Mama Monster, and Barneys, have become so famous for.

Check out all of the Gaga-inspired windows below, and scroll down to shop the best gifts that Barneys has in store for the holidays.