12/07/2011 03:10 pm ET | Updated Dec 07, 2011

Occupy Protesters Block Downtown D.C. Intersections

WASHINGTON -- Protesters inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement took to the streets of the nation's capital on Wednesday blocking downtown intersections, creating gridlock and leading to arrests.

At least 20 protesters associated with the union-backed Take Back The Capitol march were arrested at 16th and K streets NW, three blocks north of the White House in the heart of what's traditionally known as D.C.'s lobbying corridor.

Other protesters were arrested at adjacent intersections in the vicinity of McPherson Square, where Occupy DC protesters have been camped out since Oct. 1. It is unclear at the current time how many protesters have been arrested overall.

As The Huffington Post's Tyler Kingkade reports, protesters at 14th and K streets NW were given three warnings to disperse from their position. Some protesters were lying in the intersection as others locked arms as they faced off with police. At least 20 protesters were arrested there.

As The Washington Post reported, protesters marched to the Podesta Group, a downtown lobbying group, earlier in the day.

Metrobus and D.C. Circulator bus service have been severely hampered as K Street -- a major crosstown transit route -- and other downtown streets have been shut down. Downtown traffic has been snarled as key roadways are blocked.

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