12/07/2011 01:19 pm ET

Patrick Sullivan, Sheriff In Meth For Sex Case, Hired Sean Moss, Recently-Deceased Adult Film Star, For School Security Position

Patrick Sullivan, the man behind the 'meth for sex' sheriff case, posted $50,000 bond Tuesday after a judge reduced the amount from $500,000. The former suburban Denver sheriff has been accused of offering methamphetamine to a man in exchange for sex. While Sullivan's alleged actions are dubious indeed, new wrinkles in the case add intrigue.

After Sullivan retired from his post as Arapahoe County Sheriff, he took a position with the Cherry Creek School District as security director. As director there, Sullivan recommended six men for positions in security, one of whom was Sean Moss, a one-time gay porn actor with no previous contract security experience, according to Channel 7.

Moss, the 27-year-old adult film star, was found dead in the South Platte River earlier this year. An autopsy report obtained by 9News shows Moss had methamphetamine and a date-rape drug in his system at the time of his death.

Sullivan had bailed Moss out of jail 12 days earlier where he had been held on a domestic violence charge. The Associated Press reports Moss' death remains an open investigation as the coroner works to determine if it was accidental, a suicide or a homicide.

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