Vivica Fox Speaks Out About Failed Engagement To Omar 'Slimm' White

12/07/2011 03:05 pm ET

Vivica Fox may have some advice for reality star Kim Kardashian.

The actress opened up about her failed engagement to 28-year-old club promoter Omar "Slimm" White during an interview on Access Hollywood Live. She said she had the courage to end things before the couple jumped the broom and "wasted a lot of money." Sounds like a message to the E! Entertainment reality princess.

"Sometimes in relationships there are warning signs," Fox told Access Hollywood. "And I think that once you get older, I've been married before, that if there are warning signs, that you should pay attention to them before you get families involved and all the hoopla and things like that, and if things aren't working out it's ok to move on."

White and Fox called in quits in November 2011, after a 10-month engagement. Fox said she hasn't put herself back on the market yet but is thinking about trying to mix up her dating habits.

"I told myself that I'm gonna try something different next time because I happen to fall in love with a six pack and a smile," she said. "And look what that's gotten me."

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