12/08/2011 10:53 am ET | Updated Feb 07, 2012

Howie Mandel Does The Watusi, Ted Danson Blows Up A Glove (VIDEOS)

If the contestants on "America's Got Talent" ever saw this thing, they'd just plain give up, safe in the knowledge that they could never surpass their judge.

Back in a former, curly-coiffed life, Howie Mandel was a star of "St. Elsewhere," a major television drama... and a touring performer of less dramatic sort. During his very successful stage and TV special days, he was known to put a latex glove over his head and blow it up with his nostrils, which he often did during his North American Watusi Tour in 1986.

Oh, what is the Watusi? Think of it as a stress reliever for when a guy puts mayonnaise on your shoulder, or when your mom puts your socks in the freezer. Still confused? Check out the video above for the wild explanation -- and then, the one below, to see him perform that famed latex glove trick with Ted Danson. Ted Danson!