Justin Bieber's Perfume Commercial Tells Fathers: Relax When You Hear Your Daughter Scream My Name (VIDEO)

12/08/2011 04:51 pm ET | Updated Dec 09, 2011

So much innuendo!

Justin Bieber sits down for a heart-to-heart with the fathers of the world's teenage girl population in a new advertisement. In the commercial for the popstar's fragrance "Someday," he tells Dad:

"Hey, Dad, it's Justin. Your daughter wanted us to chat. I feel like we got off on the wrong foot. I get it. I'm a huge mega star. I've got a full head of hair. I get it," he says as though he's picking 15-year-old Susie up for the prom.

"It could be a lot worse. Think about it. Guys her age ... Well, remember when you were her age? Yeah, exactly. But hey, I'm a great distraction, she won't even think about him. And someday you might even thank me," he says while spraying his perfume.

So why would Dad be thanking Justin?

He explains, "So next time you hear her scream my name, relax, it's better than hearing her scream 'Joey' who lives next door. Am I right?"

Bieber's fans can live out their fantasy of having the 17-year-old sit down with Dad, by heading to the perfume's site and uploading a photo of themselves that will appear in the video's picture frame for the personalized experience.

The "Someday" fragrence actually just won Women's Wear Daily's Fragrance of the Year award in the mass produced category.

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