The 8 Female Stereotypes You'll Encounter In 'New Year's Eve'

12/08/2011 05:38 pm ET
  • The Gloss

Banana Republic invited us to a screening of the upcoming movie New Year's Eve, which we liked more than we expected, despite, you know, a lot of emotionally manipulative factors. We're going to be honest, when Michelle Pfieffer's character resolved to "save a life" and she adopted an adorable puppy from a shelter we burst into tears. And there was a completely unexpected Alyssa Milano appearance which was great! But we still found time to play "spot the female stereotypes!" Ready for them? Here are the women you will see:

The Nerd

Michelle Pfieffer's character's is so socially awkward that her resolution last year was "to make more eye-contact!" She's also clumsy, and when she tries to quit her job she ends up fetching her boss coffee. This is hilarious because Michelle Pfieffer is still comically attractive, and we kept thinking about how life must have been hard for Elvira in the witness protection program.

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