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Ke$ha Creates 'Put Your Beard In My Mouth' Blog (PHOTOS)

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"I like your beard," sings Ke$ha -- the glitter-obsessed popstar who once said her style was that of a "hot hobo" -- on her song "Your Love Is My Drug."

She wasn't joking.

The 24-year-old singer recently started a Tumblr blog called, Put Your Beard In My Mouth. It's a blog devoted to dudes who have committed themselves to a life with some serious facial hair.

"THIS IS LIKE A DATING WEBSITE. BUT. JUST FOR ME. GOODNIGHT BEARDS. ILL DREAM OF YOU ALL. IN MY MOUTH," she writes beneath one photo of a man with a lengthy beard.

The first post went up on Dec. 6 and so far the blog is a collection of photos of guys with beard and Ke$ha grabbing on to them with her teeth.

Oh, the things popstars do to stay relevant.

Check out the photos at your own risk:

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