12/09/2011 12:22 pm ET

Kris Jenner: Kourtney Kardashian's Baby Should Be Named 'Kris'

Now that Kourtney Kardashian has announced she's pregnant with Scott Disick's second child, mom Kris Jenner has some suggestions for her new grandchild's name -- and she's not afraid to let everyone know.

Jenner told reporters at a Women in Entertainment breakfast that she's putting the name 'Kris' on the table, Babble Celebrity reports.

Best of all, the name works whether the baby's a boy or a girl, so there are no excuses.

But can the Kardashian clan handle another Kris? After all, the last time someone by the same name entered the family, he was given the boot just 72 days after his wedding to Kim.

While it's not hard to believe Jenner wants the baby named after her, Celebrity Fix suggests maybe Jenner knows exactly what she's doing in referencing you-know-who's split with a certain basketball star:

Hold on a second, do you mean to call the bub after yourself? Or was that a rather cheeky slip about daughter Kim's 2-minute-marriage to Kris Humphries?

Because it would seriously be awesome to name that kid after the ridiculous saga that is Kim's impending divorce. Seriously awesome.

As for the mom-to-be, Jenner told the New York Daily News that daughter Kourtney has been experiencing a lot of nausea lately.

Jenner also told the Daily News that Kourtney's first kid Mason will be "in for the surprise of his life" when he's no longer the center of attention.