12/09/2011 09:50 am ET | Updated Jan 30, 2012

Kristen Wiig's Best Impressions On 'SNL' Supercut: Kris Jenner, Barbie And More (VIDEO)

Lorne Michaels has gone on record to say that "Saturday Night Live" standout Kristen Wiig is among the very best players the show has ever seen. Sure, "Bridesmaids" may have taken the country by storm and introduced her as a formidable box office talent, but her impressions on "SNL" have shown us for years what she's capable of.

Wiig specializes in giving middle aged women a tic that's only partially unexpected, such as Jamie Lee Curtis having an accident during an Activia commercial, Suze Orman spilling the beans on how she lets loose and a dead-eyed Kris Jenner bragging on her own youthful looks -- "because the surgery worked."

But she's equally comfortable with imaginary characters (like Barbie) and imaginary pixies (like Bjork).

We've put together a supercut of Wiig and some of the real-life famous faces she impersonates. What's your favorite Kristen Wiig impression?