12/09/2011 01:26 pm ET

North West Leeds Police Compiling Fashion Database To Catch Crime Suspects

Proud of your signature style? Well that iconic look you've developed could be your downfall -- if you're prone, of course, to committing crimes in North West Leeds.

The Yorkshire Evening Post reports that police officers in a section of the UK city of Leeds is now documenting the outfits of all crime suspects in a central database, in order that witnesses and victims may better identify suspects.

The photos will not be taken only when suspects are arrested and take their mugshots. Jonny Blackwell, the acting Detective Inspector in North West Leeds, told the newspaper, "Photographing the clothing that known and suspected offenders wear while out and about in our burglary and robbery hot spots gives us a valuable dimension to our intelligence picture."

He added, "The type of clothing a suspect is wearing can often be the most noticeable thing that a victim or witness reports to the police."

Which to us makes perfect sense: we imagine one can be more precise when describing clothing (color, cut, style, brand, size, fit, cleanliness, etc.) than if one only describes height, hair color, eye color or hard-to-pin down skin tone.

Then again, we imagine the cops wouldn't even know what to do with some of the more fashion-minded descriptions we envision ourselves throwing out: drop-waist, a-line, princess seams, empire waist, midi-length, knife pleats, peak lapels...

You know, the kind of intricate style descriptions we'd have to use for a Lindsay Lohan-type.

Read more about the UK fashion database at

(Via FashionEtc)


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