Scotland Wind Storm: Trampoline Rolls By Window During 'Crazy Winds' (VIDEO)

12/09/2011 06:45 pm ET

Ever seen a giant trampoline roll down the the street? Well, Conor Guichan did, and he even has video evidence to prove it.

The 15-year-old was watching the effects of a wind storm in Fife, Scotland, when the jumping apparatus nonchalantly tumbled down the street, the Daily Mail reports.

"Oh my god! Trampoline! Trampoline! Oh my god! Oh my god," he exclaims during the short, 13-second clip.

The storm reached winds of 165 mph and was dubbed "Hurricane Bawbag" by Twitter users.

Sure, this could be the most random video of the day, but it's the beauty of its pure randomness that makes it so darn funny.

The clip had about 690,000 hits on Friday evening. We're currently taking bets on how many views you think it will get over the weekend. Leave your guess in the comments sections below (and no, there's no actual prize).

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