12/12/2011 11:43 am ET

The High Line Brings In The Most Tickets For Illegal Drinking

The High Line has come a long way from its dilapidated railway days to receiving record $20 million donations from fancy supporters. Now it looks like the popular park is setting a new record.

The Post reports that 15 percent of the 753 tickets issued for illegal drinking last year occurred at the High Line, the most in any city park throughout the five boroughs.

Who to blame for all the subversive imbibing? Starry-eyed lovers, of course! Geoffrey Croft of the NYC Parks Advocates group explains the romantic lure surrounding the park:

It's the romance, the lights, the sunset. People get lulled into a magical place where they think they don't have to abide by the law.

A parks officer even deemed the High Line the "make-out park" of the city.

Are nearby hotels providing fodder for boozy romance? While we are unable to verify any scientific correlation on the matter, it's wonderfully coincidental that guests staying at the Standard Hotel have been reported for failing to close their curtains as they "frolic naked" above park visitors.

Neighbors have reportedly spotted guests masturbating, filming porn films, and other exhibitionist activities galore.

As for other city parks, Randalls Island issued 105 and Central Park had only 66 ticketed last year.

Check out some beautiful photos of the High Line below: