12/13/2011 02:11 am ET

The Muppets Sing 'Ode To Joy'! (And Audition For 'Star Wars')

Holidays just aren't the holidays for us without a little extra Kermit in our lives. With the new movie out in theatres (read a HuffPost High School blogger's review of the soundtrack here), The Muppet Christmas Carol on our snow day DVD lineup, and, most importantly, the power of YouTube, we're getting the spirit of the season this week -- Muppet-style.

Check out the slideshow below for our favorite Muppet Christmas song ("Ode To Joy" as performed by Beeker), our favorite random Muppet clip (their audition for Star Wars!), and our favorite Muppet mantra (Miss Piggy on "Snackcercising" this break!).

What's your fave Muppet -- or cartoon -- holiday staple? Sound off below!