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Top 10 U.S Cities That Donate The Most (SLIDESHOW)

First Posted: 12/13/11 01:45 PM ET   Updated: 12/13/11 02:36 PM ET

Local market consumer research firm Scarborough Research released a study this week detailing the most generous cities in America -- and the numbers are heartening.

The U.S. can boast an impressive 56 percent majority of adult "givers."

The analysis defines "givers" as American adults 18 and over who live in a household that donated money or made a contribution to an "Arts/Cultural, Healthcare/Medical, Religious or Social Care/Welfare" organization some time in the last year.

The common denominator among altruistic Americans is that those who donate to their favorite charities have higher average household incomes than all U.S. adults and are 24 percent more likely to have graduated from college.

At least 61 percent of all households give back in these cities. Did your hometown make the cut? Click through the slides below to find out.

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  • Salt Lake City, Utah

    A whopping 68 percent of households give in Salt Lake City.

  • Minneapolis, Minn.

    Coming in second, 65 percent of households give in midwestern Minneapolis.

  • Harrisburg, Pa.

    In Harrisburg, Pa., 63 percent of all households donate.

  • Greenville, S.C.

    Greenville, S.C. ties for third with Harrisburg for households that give.

  • Washington, D.C.

    Washington, D.C. takes fourth with 62 percent of adult households giving.

  • Detroit, Mich.

    Detroit ties with D.C. for fourth with 62 percent of families donating money to do-good organizations.

  • Memphis, Tenn.

    Memphis, Tenn. also comes in fourth with 62 percent of households donating.

  • Roanoke, Va.

    The final city in the four way tie for fourth place, 62 percent of adult households in Roanoke, Va. also donate.

  • Green Bay, Wisc.

    In a three part tie for fifth, 61 percent of Green Bay, Wisc. households donate funds to charitable organizations.

  • Birmingham, Ala.

    An amazing 61 percent of Birmingham, Ala. households also give.

  • Greensboro, N.C.

    Greensboro, N.C. also boasts an incredible 61 percent of donating adult households.


Filed by Anna Bahr  |