12/14/2011 12:39 pm ET | Updated Dec 14, 2011

9News Weatherman Ashton Altieri Fails, Confuses Hoosiers In Funny News Blooper (VIDEO, SLIDESHOW)

Funny news fails are a staple of YouTube. From bugs flying into mouths to accidentally cursing on air, who doesn't love a good old blooper? And if it weren't for anchors' mistakes every now and then, we'd have a lot more confidence in our theory that the most well-coiffed ones are actually robots. Have you seen Larry King recently? C'mon..

Our faith in the humanity of 'Colorado's News Leader' 9News was re-affirmed this morning as we stumbled across a video of Ashton Altieri attempting to congratulate sports guru Aaron Matas in the newsroom on a big win. After the mistake, Altieri immediately stumbles out a correction as the other anchors predict his inevitable appearance on YouTube.

Still hungry for more? Here's a selection of our favorite YouTube news bloopers:


News Anchor Fails