'My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas' Exclusive: 'Toddlers & Tiaras' Meets 'The Jersey Shore' (VIDEO)

12/14/2011 04:00 pm ET

"My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas" looks like "Toddlers & Tiaras" meets "The Jersey Shore," but with heavier accents and more partying.

In our exclusive clip of TLC's latest one-hour special (premieres Sun., Dec. 18, 8PM ET), we get a glimpse at the 23,000 Irish Travellers and gypsies of the U.K. Every December, they invade the otherwise sleepy town of Rathkeale, Ireland, for a month of parties, drinking and lots and lots of sequins.

Bigger is better for these Travellers, and after 11 months of nomadic living and working hard, they make the month of December full of events to remember, including weddings and first communions.

Here you get a glimpse at what TLC calls the "flashy fashions" of young girls getting their first communion. And we can't wait to see more of the elaborate wedding celebrations, where the ornate bridal gowns weigh several hundred pounds, while the young brides wearing them are only in their teens. Flashy and over-the-top don't begin to describe this.

As local club owner Davie Mann points out, "Rathkeale is like another version of Hollywood at Christmas."

But we've never seen a Hollywood like this ... Take a look and tell us what you think.