12/14/2011 08:20 pm ET | Updated Dec 21, 2011

New Banksy Work Appears

After gracing exhibits around the world and becoming the stenciling, street art darling of the art world, Banksy has allegedly created a new work in Liverpool, England to remind us of his roots.

The work, being referred to as "Love Plane" on Twitter, depicts a spray painted heart trailing an old time biplane. The piece is painted adjacent to the Liverpool War Museum. Though authenticating Banksy's work can be difficult, images of "Love Plane" have appeared on Banksy's official website, apparently taking claim for the work.

As is custom with Banksy's work, the notoriety of the artist and the work's charming nature leave people apprehensive to dismiss the work as vandalism. A Liverpool council spokesperson said, "We are not taking any action. It's on private property and there have been no complaints about it."

Though the council has no explicit plans to remove the work, owners of the Norwich House (the building which "Love Plane" is painted on) may desire to have the work removed. The piece is almost identical to a work that appeared in London last week, which has since been removed. However, judging by this reaction video, it seems the locals see "Love Plane" as a welcome addition to an otherwise bland wall.


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