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Newt Gingrich Drowned Out By Protesters During Iowa Speech On Brain Science (VIDEO)

SHANNON McCAFFREY   12/14/11 03:21 PM ET  AP

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Protesters drowned out Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich during a campaign event at the University of Iowa.

A handful of people seated in a campus auditorium on Wednesday assailed Gingrich for what they called a "callous attitude toward poor people." The protest lasted more than three minutes.

Gingrich watched impassively from the podium while the protesters shouted. They were led away by university officials.

Before the protesters were ushered out, several Gingrich supporters yelled back. One man told the protesters to shut up, and another said, "You've had your freedom of speech – be quiet!"

Gingrich said he appreciated the bulk of attendees who were on hand for a discussion of issues.

The former House speaker was on the University of Iowa campus speaking about brain science research.

(Video above via Mediaite)
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