12/15/2011 01:11 pm ET

Lauren Scruggs, Model Who Walked Into Plane Propeller, Has Eye Removed

Lauren Scruggs, the 23-year-old model and fashion editor who walked into a plane's moving propeller earlier this month, had her left eye removed during surgery on Wednesday.

On her CaringBridge website, her family writes of the surgery: "Along with the pain she was already experiencing with her arm and shoulder injuries, the removal of the left [eye] is also very painful. We are asking again for prayer to relieve this pain, and also, as we have posted previously, pray for Lo to regain her appetite. This is crucial for her body to heal quickly."

Scruggs has been recovering at Dallas' Parkland Hospital for the past 10 days, ABC News reports. Scruggs was starting to walk on December 8th, reports, and her family told ABC News that she was starting to eat solid foods, including her favorites, sweet potatoes and hard-boiled eggs, on Monday.

Scruggs' mother, Cheryl, wrote on her CaringBridge site, "We believe Jesus has answered our prayers for this miracle through the prosthesis for her eye, which will be a part of our journey and the healing process."