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Artist Electrocutes His Face To The Beat Of Music (VIDEO)

First Posted: 12/16/11 02:44 PM ET Updated: 12/16/11 02:44 PM ET

Daito Manabe is a Japanese video artist who started out trying to replicate the perfect smile using electricity. That did not prove possible. Now he hooks 6 electrodes up to his face and electrocutes himself, choreographing his face into a trippy, twitchy jig to his own homemade beats, and we are not complaining.

The result is truly bizarre, the electric jolts creating a remarkably synchronized choreography. The human face loses its humanity and becomes a robotic sort of mechanical canvas.

Expression without emotion is a jarring thing indeed, and in this case it manages to look both extremely unpleasant and crazy cool. Read Manabe's interview with Motherboard TV. And definitely watch these videos.


Filed by Priscilla Frank  |