12/16/2011 10:42 am ET | Updated Dec 16, 2011

Courtney Love Fighting Eviction From New York Townhouse: UPDATE (PHOTOS)

Courtney Love isn't known to go down without a fight and the rockstar who spends as much time in the court room as she does on stage, is fighting eviction from her townhouse at 250 West 10th Street.

Love is accused of owing the building's owner, Donna Lyon, $54,000 in rent, setting the place on fire and breaking her lease by redecorating the interior of the four-story townhouse Love has been renting since February.

Love denies falling behind on her $27,000 a month lease. "I haven't fallen behind on the rent -- I have been paying month to month as agreed," she told Page Six. "My rent is current, but the owner is now asking for the remaining two months upfront. Even thought it's not required, I'd happily pay that and another six months' rent if she would extend the lease for six months."

The 47-year-old Hole singer admitted that she repainted the interior but claims she asked permission and used a painter approved by the owner.

Sources tell the paper Lyon's suit and eviction attempt may be intended to draw publicity to the property to help sell the townhouse she purchased for $8 million.

Love's lawyer, Eric D. Sherman dimisses the claim of owed rent and said he's unaware of any suit that concerns alterations to the building, adding it's unfortunate that Lyons chose to "attack my client unfairly in the press."

However, Lyon's lawyer, Norman Flitt, told Page Six there are two disputes at hand -- the issue of rent owed, which will be heard in court on Dec. 21 and the issue of unauthorized redecoration, claiming no consent was ever given. Flitt said if Love doesn't restore the building to its original condition by the end of her lease in February, they have the right to sue for damages.

It sounds like a case of she said, she said -- but one thing is for sure, Lyon had to have known she was taking a gamble when taking Courtney Love on as a tenant.

Love doesn't exactly have a history of proving being reliable or responsible.

Recently she claimed to be Lindsay Lohan's sober coach, a claim which was quickly denied by Lohan's rep. The singer also just came off another lawsuit; one that she lost. In October, a Manhattan judge found Love liable for $100,000 worth of unreturned jewelry she had borrowed from Jacob & Co.

UPDATE: Courtney is a Contributing Editor over at xojane.com and she opened up her home to the website's staff, allowing them to document all the "damage" that's been done.

While there are probably too many knickknacks for our taste, we have to admit the place looks great. The decore is a vintage Baroque style that definitely reflects Courtney's penchant for a very romantic and feminine aesthetic.

Did Courtney ruin the townhouse? See for yourself. Check out more photos at xojane.com

Courtney Love's 'Ruined' Townhouse