12/16/2011 07:50 am ET

Diablo Cody In An Ombre Dress: Love It Or Leave It? (PHOTOS, POLL)

Screenwriters tend to stay, well, behind the screen. Most moviegoers don't usually know what the screenwriters' names are, much less recognize them by face.

But those screenwriters who make it big in Hollywood get to show their faces -- sometimes even on the red carpet. That's what Diablo Cody's done, breaking out with "Juno," following it up with (the less beloved) "Jennifer's Body" and now striking gold again with the much buzzed-about "Young Adult." As the she told the Huffington Post, "I'll acknowledge that there might be some people who see me as a success."

Enough that she gets to join her film's star, Charlize Theron, on the red carpet. At last night's "Young Adult" premiere in Los Angeles, Cody had a Hollywood moment and posed for pictures in a rainbow ombre frock.

That's right -- rainbow ombre.

While we love Diablo's quirky sense of humor on screen, we're not sure what to make of it on the red carpet. The black tights are fine, but the conservative gray pumps look a tad dowdy for someone under the age of 40.

And the dress? The color scheme reminds us of our third grade wardrobes, long-gone scrunchies and old Lisa Frank folders.

Then again, we know Cody maintains a strong nostalgia for such bright times -- she is planning on reviving "Sweet Valley High," saying, "I want it to be glamorous and colorful and bubblegum and a feast for the senses."

It looks like she's starting right here.