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GOP Debate Moderators Put Candidates On Defense (VIDEO)

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The seven remaining candidates didn't get off easy in the last Republican presidential primary debate before the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses.

The Fox News moderators who led the debate questioned the candidates' electability, consistency and basic conservatism.

"Many Republicans seem conflicted about you," Bret Baier told Newt Gingrich. "Can you put to rest once and for all the persistent doubts that you are indeed the right candidate on this stage to go up and beat President Obama?"

Republican voters' conflicts and concerns with the candidates was a persistent theme throughout the debate -- from Mitt Romey's flip flopping on social issues to Rick Perry's debating skills.

Although the major GOP contenders may have come to Sioux City hoping to make their closing arguments, the moderators found ways to keep re-opening the old ones.

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