Occupy Oakland Ambushes Jean Quan During Commonwealth Club Appearance

12/16/2011 04:49 pm ET | Updated Feb 15, 2012

This article comes to us courtesy of SF Weekly's The Snitch.

You can take Occupy protesters out of the streets, but you cannot take the streets out of the protesters. Occupy Oakland folks stormed a Commonwealth Club meeting last night in San Francisco where the very unpopular Mayor Jean Quan was a sitting panelist.

The club had arranged a panel to speak about what's next for the controversial Occupy Oakland movement, which was booted from its camp site on Frank Ogawa Plaza last month. But protesters used that as an opportunity not to discuss its future, but rather to rail on Quan over the past.

KTVU reports that the panel was "barely seated before Quan became a target and some audience members were thrown out of the room."

Protesters didn't seem keen to talk about what's next for the movement; rather, they were ready to lay into Quan for how she handled Occupy Oakland and the police tactics (pepper spray, flash-bang grenades) used to remove the camp.

Members in the crowd began shouting and chanting "liar" at Quan, who didn't budge. Quan finally responded, defending herself: "What the nation saw was a small group of anarchists break windows."

But the heckling continued as audience members started yelling "mic check" over Quan, who finally disappeared behind closed doors.

"I've been in tougher situations," Quan told reporters. "I've been bullied before, but I thought this was a chance to be positive. I tried to talk and they wouldn't let me."

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