12/19/2011 01:14 am ET | Updated Feb 17, 2012

'60 Minutes': Meryl Streep Talks Intentional Narrowing Of Film Audiences (VIDEO)

As with anything, the movie business has changed a lot over the years. Meryl Streep has been a part of that industry for four decades, giving her some perspective on that evolution. On '60 Minutes' (Sun., 7PM ET on CBS) she touted that she feels that not only is the acting on screen better than it was in the earlier days of her career, but it's "better than in the classic days."

While talking with 80-year old Morley Safer, she got into one of the more negative changes she's witnessed. "The movie business has worked fastiduously to discourage you and other intelligent discerning people from the theater," she told him.

It's what she called "the narrowing of the audience." Targeting very specific demographics, and specifically the younger people.

"They have worked hard to get rid of you because you don't go then buy toys and games," Streep explained to Morley. Apparently, it's not enough to buy a ticket and some refreshments at the theater. You have to support all the merchandising efforts in order to be seen as a desirable target audience demographic.

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