12/19/2011 06:59 pm ET

Anthony Luis Pepitone, School Robber, Falls Two Stories, Crawls Away With Broken Back (VIDEO)

Anthony Luis Pepitone, 21, was allegedly trying to steal copper from Charles David Wyche, Jr. Elementary School in Miami Gardens when he fell more than two stories, severely injuring himself before attempting to crawl away on his stomach, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Pepitone was arrested at Jackson Memorial Hospital on Friday and charged with burglary and grand theft violations, the paper reported.

It turns out the would-be robber was caught on school surveillance video as he fell from the roof and, unable to stand, crawled away while pushing bolt cutters ahead of him.

"He was trying to get on the roof of the school to commit copper theft," schools police Sergeant Ivan Silva told CBS Miami. "As you can see from the video, he’s not the most skillful burglar."

Chief Charles Hurley said that copper theft is a major national issue.

"It is a billion dollar a year business," Hurley told the station. "Thieves are stealing copper from utility poles, air conditioning units, school equipment, even churches."

According to a report by WSVN TV, Pepitone is reportedly receiving treatment for a broken back and ankle and has confessed to multiple other copper thefts at schools across the county.