12/19/2011 12:56 pm ET

Barefoot Running Shoes The Biggest Shoe Trend Of 2011, Poll Finds

As we anticipate the coming of a new year, let's play a little game called "Which shoes trends would you like to see die?"

The game is so fun, you see -- you can pick Uggs, jellies, Crocs, gladiator sandals... the options are endless! We'd add those "five finger" barefoot running shoes to the mix, for looking utterly silly and also a bit painful for running over gravel.

Unfortunately, it seems Vibram FiveFingers and similar sock-like sneakers aren't going anywhere. Footwear News has released its "Readers' Choice: Hot Topics in Fashion" asking readers which shoe trends were biggest in 2011 and which will explode in 2012:


26% Barefoot/minimalism

18% Vintage/Americana

15% Lightweight running

10% Espadrilles

8% Ladylike silhouettes

8% Color-blocking

8% Flatforms

6% Menswear-inspired looks

1% Other

And which of those trends will be biggest in 2012? Barefoot/minimalism, apparently.

To which we say: nooooo! We're pretty sure the only fans excited about the barefoot trend are hardcore workout nuts and Prince Harry, who picked himself up a pair in San Diego this year.

The overwhelming support for five-toe sneakers makes us doubt the poll -- who are these people and where is their fashion sense? But one thing gives us comfort: the readers voted Lady Gaga as the celebrity who should launch a shoe line.

Which would be awesome, obviously. To get a sense of what those shoes might look like, here's a quick look back at the shoes Lady Gaga wore this year. Read more of the Footwear News poll results at

Lady Gaga Shoes