12/19/2011 10:12 am ET

Lindsay Lohan Playboy: Hugh Hefner Says Issue Is 'Breaking Sales'

Hugh Hefner is tweeting that the much-discussed Lindsay Lohan Playboy issue is breaking sales.

"The Lindsay Lohan January-February Double Issue is breaking sales records," Hef wrote on his Twitter page on Sunday, though what this means in terms of numbers or in sales exactly is unclear. In a bout of fact-checking, CNN reports that it made calls to twelve newsstands in cities from Los Angeles to New York, and found "just one that is sold out of the issue."

Lohan was allegedly paid $1 million for the Marilyn Monroe-inspired Playboy spread, which cast the troubled actress against a red velvet background clad in heels and stark red lipstick. The images of Lohan's Playboy pictorial first leaked online on December 9th, spurring Hefner to bump up the issue's release date several days early. The double-issue contains more than 200 pages and marks the first nude pictorial of the "Mean Girls" actress, who had previously done semi-nudes for another Marilyn Monroe-inspired photo shoot with New York Magazine, in 2008.


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