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Michelle Duggar: Her Choice To Share Her Baby's Photos Deserves Our Respects

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By Katie Granju

I freely admit to a certain fondness for the Duggar family. They seem like genuinely nice folks who simply happen to hold different religious views than I do. When I heard that Michelle Duggar had suffered a second trimester miscarriage week before last, I felt terrible for her -- both for her tragic loss, and also for the onslaught of meanness that was about to come surging her way.

As a strongly pro-choice woman and mother myself, I've blogged before about how hypocritical I find it that so many other women who would go to the mat to defend my right NOT to have children are so nasty in their criticisms of another woman's choice to have lots of children. Michelle Duggar's reproductive choices are not the same as mine, and mine likely aren't the same as yours, but when we start defining what's acceptable in terms of how a grown woman should and should not conduct her own reproductive health and life, we're headed down a slippery slope.

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