12/19/2011 02:39 pm ET

Rachael Ray Asks Regis Philbin About His Backseat Experience (VIDEO)

It's lovely to see Regis Philbin back on daytime TV, even if it's on someone else's show. Philbin stopped by "Rachael Ray" (weekdays, syndicated on ABC) for an interview on Monday, and quickly proved that he hasn't lost his knack for gloriously awkward banter. Although in this instance, Ray deserved full credit for steering the conversation into the backseat.

Ray started the interview by asking Regis about his first car, and "what stories it could tell." He proceeded to tell a story about how unreliable it was, and how it could never seem to make it through a ferry-ride without breaking down. But Ray wanted more scandalous details. "I thought maybe once you started talking about how romantic the ferry was, maybe the backseat got a little action," she quipped.

"Rachael Ray knows about action!" Regis yelled. "I'll bet she does ... what about your backseat, honey?"

"My backseat's seen some action," she admitted, fighting through laughter. Ray then tried to steer the conversation in a different direction, but couldn't get out of the hole she'd dug herself. When she asked Regis about the last song he sang in the shower, he delivered the line that won the day. "Wait, you mean that time you were there?" he joked.

Suffice to say, Regis has still got it.

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