12/20/2011 08:46 am ET

Kathy Griffin Unveils More Plans To Humiliate Anderson Cooper (VIDEO)

Kathy Griffin appeared on Piers Morgan's CNN show Monday night, and unveiled more plans to humiliate Anderson Cooper when the pair hosts CNN's annual New Years Eve celebration.

In addition to drunk dialing Wolf Blitzer, Griffin said that her dream would be for the "entire screen to just turn into a bar code." She said that she wanted Cooper's microphone to go dead and for viewers to hear some "rustling," so that the broadcast would be mistaken for a tornado warning.

Morgan had heard that Griffin planned to slip Cooper a roofie. Morgan said he was unfamiliar with the slang term, and asked Griffin, "what's a roofie?"

"Let's just say a sedative," Griffin said before adding, "Do you do any research for the show?"