12/20/2011 11:58 am ET | Updated Dec 20, 2011

Kendall Jenner Feels Embarrassed And Guilty About Big Sweet 16 Party

Kendall Jenner turned 16-years-old and the world got to see it for themselves on last night's special episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

It seems young Kendall might be the lone family member to keep up with current events. The teenage model spends most of the episode refusing to have a big party, taking a page from the Occupy Wall Street rhetoric in her reasoning.

"I'm really grateful for the privileges I have, but with so many families struggling, I just want to do something simple with my friends and family," she says as she battles with mom, Kris Jenner and nixes her ideas for a bash at the Four Seasons Hotel and mega party for 75 of her closest friends in the Bahamas.

"It's kind of embarrassing you want me to have this huge party," she tells her mom. "You're trying to make it bigger and bigger and it's embarrassing me. You're just giving me this, you're just handing me this and I don't want it."

The young reality star helps alleviate her guilt by visiting sick children at the L.A. Children's Hospital and later incorporating a non-profit aspect into the party itself -- asking guests to bring a toy to donate rather than a gift for the birthday girl.

But it wouldn't be the Kardashians without opulence, and Kendall doesn't seem too guilty too accept a $90,000 Range Rover for instance.

The party itself was small for Kardashian standards, but few teens would turn down a rooftop party at the Andaz Hotel in Hollywood -- the location of Kendall's choice.

In addition to $1,000 gift bags, guests were treated a performance by rapper Tyga, and to Bruce Jenner's overprotective father act, in which he hired a full team of security complete with a metal detector at the entrance.

And if you ever wondered if the series was scripted simply look to Kendall and 14-year-old Kylie secretly hopping a plane (with a full camera crew in tow) to Las Vegas so Kendall can get a tattoo.

Their excursion to Sin City, which obviously had to be signed off on by executive producer Kris Jenner, didn't amount to much. Kendall wavered in the last moments and made the smart decision to wait until she didn't have to sneak around to get it.

But on the topic of how real the Kardashians' actually show is, there are few things more honest than seeing a newly turned 16-year-old girl cry and announce she's not going to school after failing her drivers test.

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